Alcohol, Boredom, Unhappiness

Whenever I see a mainstream survey or study I go looking for supporting studies or something to show it’s not isolated. I will also look at whether those studies show any significant differences within minority groups, particularly my own. I will then look at where it affects me and my life. I don’t profess to know everything and these things are usually a motivation or prompt for me to talk about my own views.

When I recently read the story titled “Aussies are blind to the Dangers of Boozing” (link to article at bottom of post)” my first reaction was Dah!!!. As I read the story it stated that on average 2 standard drinks is the maximum to stay safe. The average Aussie male thinks 9.2 and female 5.9. There was also this quote:

“Drinking more than two standard drinks gives a one in 100 chance of dying from an alcohol-related cause, such as cancer, an accident, violence or assault”

Personally I agree that many Aussie’s don’t understand safe levels of drinking, however to be perfectly honest I don’t think they care.

Whether we like to believe it or not alcohol, even a small amount can impact on your life and your relationship. The excerpt below is well put:

Drinking is deceptive. Alcohol dulls our senses, it deadens us. Initially, it starts out as a part of a social experience. Next it moves to an enhancer of our experiences. Perhaps next we turn to it to “relax” us or even to help us reduce our stress. Finally, we just use it because. And before we know it, someone in our life is saying it’s a problem.” Alcohol contributes to a high percentage of relationship breakdowns, even if you are not a heavy user.

The above excerpt is really not just relevant for alcohol but any area of our lives. Unfortunately alcohol is one of the most obvious because it is so out there. Just look at what would happen if clubs stopped serving alcohol. Even though many would deny it, if alcohol wasn’t part of club culture they would just stop going because a lot of people need alcohol to enjoy themselves, whether they admit it or not.

But the addictive personality or nature of some people means that they will always substitute one addiction for another. I really believe that unless humans can start to be content in their own lives and relationships they will always try and enhance it with substance or addiction/obsession. We know that when people don’t know how to handle the feeling of boredom then they turn to these things.

Being happy with yourself and who you are is the best way to avoid these problems so maybe if you are not there, it is sign that this is the area of your life that needs work. Put that extra energy into bettering yourself and set goals for yourself to help you achieve what you want in life. Train yourself to be content. Be happy with where you are at in life because any actions taken because of unhappiness, boredom or a feeling of being unsettled will only lead to you hurting yourself and others.

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