Kenilworth Weekend

We had a few days away up at a retreat near Kenilworth. When I say retreat it really was a quiet place where you had no interruptions, breakfast was delivered the day before which was great and included items you could cook on your own private barbeque. the best part is there was no mobile coverage. This also meant no internet so it was even better.

So we spent the time wandering the property and spending time in the spa with a bottle of wine or two.

The thing we both realised is that being away from the city is something we both need to do permanently. It is part of the plan anyway, but I think this trip away was a real kick to show us what was really important. I can’t express enough how when returning home from the country there was a point where we went from being totally relaxed and happy to instant depression.

It wasn’t the retreat that was relaxing (although it was relaxing), it was being in the bush and away from the crap that we encounter daily. We both want out of the city and now it’s just about putting that plan into place. We know it could take a couple of years but it needs to happen for our sanity as much as anything else.

In saying all that we did wander into a couple of places for great food. I’ll review these places soon. But in the meantime the picture gallery at the top shows images of our trip and some of the food we enjoyed.

The place we stayed was just stunning, so if anyone wants the details just let me know.