Body Image

I know this topic is spoken about time and time again, but I feel that there are a lot of misconceptions around the topic. Firstly some background. I was watching this weeks episode of Insight and the topic was obsessive behaviour in relation to building a body for a male, so body building and weight gain. Basically talking about bulking up.

The episode was excellent and is available on Itunes if you would like to see it. What I found fascinating is that even in this episode there was no agreement of the attractiveness of guys in this state and we are not even talking about a body building look, even just adding a reasonable amount of muscle. What it left me with was the fact that really beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it not a fact that everyone is attracted to someone with a six pack or someone with muscle. Someone who has the perfect body is not attractive to the majority as is perceived in the world.

I know this in my own life. Just look at somewhere like Instagram. I can see a heap of photo’s on there of guys with six packs (cause as we know photo’s of guys lifting their shirts seem to be common lol) and yet I might think they are cute at times, there is no way that is the norm for me. I see a variety of guys as attractive and it rarely has anything to so with the six pack. usually it’s more about the face and to be honest that they look trim.

I just think we have a distorted view on what is attractive and we operate under assumptions that to be attractive you have to look a certain way. But the reality is every single person out there will see you differently. I guess that’s why the term ‘someones type’ exists.

I want to get across that yes it’s good to stay healthy but remember that every time you have doubts about how you look is to remember that you can’t predict who will find you attractive and you have no reason to become obsessive about looking like some stereotype. If you are already in a relationship then remember that the person you are with is already attracted to you and thinks you are beautiful.

If you are operating under the premise it’s about feeling good about yourself then remember that there is a perceptual distortion in how we see ourselves and that it can become dangerous because the more we do to achieve a perceived beauty the more we will want to do. Beauty is addictive and looking good is a matter of perception. Yes you have to feel good about yourself and can look after yourself to achieve that but remember looks are not everything in this world. the proof of that is to just look at all the couples you come across. Don’t think that when you see a couple where at least one of them isn’t attractive to you that their partner doesn’t find them irresistible because more than likely they do.

Put the same amount of effort that you would put into your looks into becoming a better person. A more compassionate, educated, empathetic, loving or knowledgeable person. Life is about balance and it’s important to ensure that our energies are being directed to area’s that matter.