Lately I’ve noticed a lot of attention on the FB, Google+ news feeds about haters within the gay world. That is gay people projecting hate against other gay people. This is the old story of some gay people not liking effeminate guys or gym junkies or the androgynous or Asians etc etc.

Really nothing has changed over the years except this has become more noticeable. Instead of these issues being related to the type of guy you may be attracted to it is now becoming a fight in every day life.

Listen up peeps! Who cares! It takes all kinds of people to make up the world and it’s just not possible for every body to like everybody. I agree this kind of talk has become very childish considering a lot of it is coming out of the mouths of adults. If you don’t like someone or a particular group of people just shut your mouth. But in making those decisions at least understand what you are basing that decision on.

Instead of basing your decisions on outward appearance or flamboyance, base it on the individual. Like in the real world give everyone an opportunity to show what they are made of. In my world you base those decisions on someones character, their values and their beliefs. Not on whether they are effeminate.

As in any similar situation, you will find that the people hating are usually either egotistical about themselves or lonely. Generally they are people who have unhappy lives themselves and need to project that onto the world. It’s very similar to those I spoke about recently who are into trolling. If someone projects hate around you just think of it differently. If you remember that they are probably very unhappy people themselves for whatever reason and it may give you a new perspective when dealing with these people.

Compassion is what the world is about and it’s important to remember that although we are bombarded these days with every facet of everyones lives that really we need to take a step back and look at our own. It’s very easy with social networking to get caught up in other peoples conversations or their lives but in the end we need to remember that if we ignore that and just live the best lives that we can then we will be much better off for it.