It seems that we had been so busy lately that I know I’ve missed things. With us only really having one day each weekend off together it’s good when we can take advantage of it. Sunday is the only day we have together because I work Monday to Friday and Tom works Tuesday to Saturday.

However this weekend was our monthly show day for the guinea pigs. yes, we show guinea pigs. So Sunday morning was spent at the guinea pig show which was the first for the year. Even though for the first show we only had a couple that were ready to be on the table we still had a successful day. We ended up with some First’s and Runner Ups as well as a Best of Breed. As the year progresses we will have plenty more to hit the table.

As the show only runs until about lunch time we decided to go and visit Tom’s mum and partner. The reason is they have just moved up to Queensland to run a dairy farm. So we went up there for the afternoon and evening. We even helped out with the milking. I have to admit. i could seriously move to a farm tomorrow and be very happy. Well, that has always been the plan and you will see some information start to appear on my blog about our plans in the near future.

We have decided to work towards our farm more quickly by putting details out there for potential donations to our dream. We know we will achieve it but we thought by putting our cause out there with details of what we want to do it may allow us to get there more quickly. I will be adding a new section to this blog with the details of the dream. As we start to take more steps towards it I will start a blog about it as well.

Anyway, that was a little off the track. Next weekend we will be spending isolated on a farm retreat up near Kenilworth Qld. We need this break and I have to say the opportunity to spend some time with Tom away from the city, our jobs and the rest of the crap that comes with living in a city is just so exciting. A bonus is that there is no mobile reception. Well there is about 7km away, but not where we will be. I’m sure I’ll post about the trip.

Anyway stay tuned.