Stereotypes Again

One of the straight people I know asked me a relatively stupid question the other day. the question was why does it seem gay men cheat? My initial response was simple, “because they choose to”.

As far as I’m concerned it’s that simple. Everyone has a choice in this world. It made me look at further not at why they do but rather are their differences in culture between gay and straight. After looking at this I realised there are some key differences that add pressure.

Firstly, I realised that something that must make it different for gay men is that if a woman was in a straight relationship you would find her friends would be mostly woman. Same for males. However when you look at it from the perspective of being gay, a lot of gay men have friends who are also gay men. This is a difference and probably to some point adds pressure to some situations.

Another area that is unfortunate is that there are many gay men out there who think that being gay means you are meant to be promiscuous. This is a ridiculous historical perspective that probably comes from times when gay men were not that accepted and had a reputation, but there are a lot of gay men who have decided to live up to the stereotype.

The weird thing is that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about gay men, purely based on what we are faced with each day. However if you look at it statistically the image that is portrayed of gay men is obtained or formed by the 10% of gay men who are ‘on the scene’. Statistically it is estimated that 90% of gay men, have nothing to do with the scene in any form and lead normal lives.

This is not unique to gay men. This is generally in any minority group. Take Indigenous Australian’s. The small minority that have given them a bad name are the most outspoken and the ones that have shaped a cultural view. the facts are most Indigenous people don’t support those that always have an opinion.

It’s a shame in many ways that the view of minority groups is formed by a tiny portion of the people in that group and not by the majority. This has a huge impact on society and the only way is for people to wake up and realise that it is this way. the only way to show people you are not a stereotype is to lead by example. The more people that see how you are and how you live, the more we can change public opinion and in doing so show the good side of us.