Facebook and Breasts

As most would have heard there has been a lot of uproar lately about FB removing pictures of breastfeeding women from the site. Now as we know a lot of this is caused by the software they use scanning for breasts. Now from what I can tell FB has a lot more inappropriate content that it’s struggling to maintain.

However, what I don’t understand is why people expect that FB has an obligations to stream content it doesn’t want to. In fact we can’t expect it to do anything, including maintaining our privacy. A responsible site will tell us what it’s rules are but in the end it’s got nothing to do with us.

I know if it was my choice, there is a lot I would change about FB, however it’s not my site. We cannot expect any site to operate under our own value system and as long as it operates within the law it really can do what it wants. People seem to act as if they own FB and it should allow whatever they want. The funny thing is it’s a free website and every person who is on it has chosen to be on the site. Maybe you could feel you have a right to contribute to it’s operations if you end up with shares in FB which may give you some voting rights. Maybe if you were paying for the service, you would have some rights, but even then you decide to pay for a service. What you get for your money is still up to them.

Access to FB is not a right nor does it need to live up to your values. Yes, it will take on board feedback if it wants to grow but in the end why should they. They have already tapped into the human desire for voyeurism and have people addicted. Within reason, no matter what they do I will guarantee people will not cancel their membership. I’m sure it will die one day, but until someone builds something better and it catches on, people will stay on FB.

The principle is everyone who has a site including this one has the right to run it anyway they want. I own this site and I will administer it based on what I want and my personal values. FB is owned (at the moment) by an American billionaire who will run it anyway he sees fit. If you don’t like it tough.

There are lots of sites and apps that I don’t completely agree with the way they are run. But I use them based on their rules and for what I want to get out of them. I don’t allow them to be everything. I’m not going to store my whole life on FB because that would mean I am letting it control me. I am not going to share every element of my life their but if you do then live with the limitations and live with the rules. If you don’t like it then share your life on your own site. I love having my site because elements of it are not spread across FB but more importantly I control it.

So if you are getting up in arms about something a website has done just remind yourself that you don’t own it and how would you like it if someone out there was telling you how to run your own site.