Politics is something I tend to avoid at times but deep down I do have strong beliefs and that can bring me to the point that I want to take more of an interest.

The problem with Australian politics (and I’m not limiting it to Australia) is that it really doesn’t serve the best interests of the country, only the best interest of the political party. The current stand off between two members of Labor is not an issue for me at all. In fact I think it is a sign that two people are battling about who can best lead the country. In principle this shows passion. Unfortunately in the end it won’t matter because the political system we operate under is not conducive to the well being of the nation.

Here is my issue. I believe strongly that the current system of party politics doesn’t put the power in the hands of the people. I know if I vote I want to be able to vote for the individual I feel can best run this country. Then once elected I want that leader held accountable for following through on his/her election promises. I also want that person held accountable for doing what is right. For actually leading. Unfortunately at the moment there are so many things working against that.

Firstly the fact that everyone knows that each party is only really trying to prepare for the next election. With three year terms, there is no ability for the government to make tough decisions and still win the next election mainly because once a government is in power they have very limited time to introduce something before having to constantly consider the next election.

The fact that politicians are not held responsible when they don’t listen to the people. I’m not saying every time the people support something like for example marriage equality they have to act, but if there is a reason they won’t support the majority then they need to justify why. I don’t mean by standing by a personal opinion or some excuse about the parties position. In this case the only reason I can see that Marriage Equality isn’t law is that the Labor party know the Liberals won’t let it through. This isn’t enabling a government. What is the point of having a government that can’t make decisions.

When I vote now, I have to fully understand the preference system and how my vote will be used. I’m sure most of the country don’t understand the system which is what has led to a two party result. People think, oh I won’t vote for that small party because it doesn’t change anything. The truth is it can but with a lack of understanding and years of poor education it just doesn’t happen.

This country needs a simpler political system that encourages and empowers our leaders to do what is right for this nation. I don’t vote for either of the two large parties, however if I did right now I feel there is really not a lot of choice. I certainly don’t want the LNP in power because their leader and I use that word loosely is a weasel and bigot who just tries to play the popularity game, attempting to tell people what they want to hear. At least with Labor we have seen some definitive opinions and policy and not just rhetoric.

Australia needs to be fixed and the only way to do this is from the top down. To all political parties, it is time to show true leadership. I will say in the current state election campaign in Queensland it is refreshing to see Anna not bashing the opposition. She is campaigning on her merit and that is admirable.