Peter Watson Sacked

Today has seen the headlines hit with a story about a Labor candidate expelled not only as a candidate for his seat of Southern Downs but also expulsion from the Labor party.

Quoted from the story on the Brisbane Times “Dumped ALP candidate Peter Watson was making neo-nazi comments on the internet as recently as last month and today said he stood by his racist remarks. Mr Watson was expelled from the party today after admitting to posting a series of online rants, including anti-homosexual views, which he claimed were several years old and didn't reflect his current view. However, while comments comparing homosexuals to paedophiles were made four to five years ago Mr Watson admitted today when confronted by that he had posted neo-nazi remarks recently on the blog Whitelaw Towers.”

Feel free to read more about this at the Brisbane Times

After looking into this I discovered that some of his comments date back to 2007 where he compared paedophilia and homosexuality. The scary part of this is that Watson is now only 19 years of age. That means he was at best 14 or 15 when he posted those remarks. Now even though he has been exposed I have to ask about the background checks that you would think would have been done at the time he was endorsed.

I certainly am not going to hold against him comments he made when he was 15 but his admissions about neo-nazi comments being made this year most certainly warranted his removal. I do hope that he comes out and tells his story honestly. If he is racist or holds any of these views as indicated at least he should come clean.

What this story does show is that you cannot hide anything you say online no matter how old you are. It is a prime example of how careful you need to be online. All those young people out there that don’t think what you say online matters, this shows that comments and opinions Watson posted 5 years ago have now come back to haunt him. I’m sure if you still doubt it then just go to your FB news feed and read the updates and posts made by those on your friends list and you will soon see just how some of those status updates or pictures will look in five or ten years when they are older.

I have seen companies refuse to hire people based on status updates from 5 years ago and to some degree I can see why. Image is everything in business. So I hope this guy learns a lesson and maybe the outrage may make him reexamine his own beliefs.