More about Me

Something I don’t talk about often is my own personality and mostly that is because I don’t know how to put it into words. However I think it’s important for my readers to know the real me. It’s easy to get an impression of someone from what they write but unless they truly open up you never start to get a picture of who they are. After all I have been blogging now for a lot of years over the two domains. I originally used the realeuphoria domain but needed a change so last year moved to this one.

People generally view me as being confident and in some area’s of my life I am. I am definitely confident when it comes to my work because I know I am great at what I do. However when it comes to social skills I am lacking. I can fake it quite well thanks to years of practice but I really am not social and find my anxiety levels go through the roof when I have to socialise. In a relationship my confidence levels go up and down. I find, probably due to my past relationship failures that I am always looking for those signs of a good relationship. Due to my over analytical aspie side I am always reading into things. So as I have said in the past it takes a very special person to be in a relationship with me because I need those extra sensitivities and affection.

Physically, I’m sure every one has things they would like to change about themselves, but that’s more a vanity thing. I am a fairly average skinny guy but have no issues with how I look. I also have zero issues with being naked. I am very comfortable with my body so this isn’t an issue.

I am someone who has an extremely high moral standard. I am not in any way a gay morality stereotype. In fact I am probably the exact opposite. I also tend to have a belief/value system that is of a high standard. That’s not to say that it doesn’t evolve with my maturity because it does. I do realise however that it is important to stand firm on your belief systems because without that you really don’t stand for anything. I however only impose that belief system on my own circle and life.

I have what would be considered fairly conservative values. I believe in fidelity, honesty and trust. That’s the simple version. I expect those close to me to share and demonstrate a similar belief system. That may sound harsh, but that is me. For example, I believe strongly that cheating is unacceptable. So if someone around me is a cheater why would I allow them into my head space? After all I wouldn’t respect them and don’t want all their crap as part of life. If someone is a liar, again why would I allow them into my head. they would just drain energy from me because I would always have to be trying to work out whether they are lying.

This doesn’t mean I would necessarily dislike the person, they may be nice enough, but I believe I have very limited emotional energy in my sphere and it should only have people in it that share a belief system. I have been criticised for being so harsh in the past and don’t expect this to be any different. However that is what I believe.

Am I a good partner? I don’t know. I know that I have lots of faults but the one thing you can always be guaranteed of is that I work on a relationship every day because that’s what love is. I am honest and would never betray someone.
I hope that starts to give you an insight into me. I will try and be more open in my posts about things and hopefully over time you will understand who I am further.