Someone said to me the other day that loyalty was the most important thing they look for in a relationship. When I asked what loyalty was I received a very good answer. It was long but good. So I started researching the topic and found an article that closely mirrors the response I received. I would like to share that article with you. I had asked about honesty and was told that the virtues of loyalty are all about honesty. So read this article and see what you think. Thanks to
http://www.mysticmadness.com for this article.
Relationships are core to human life. Human being is a social animal and relationships form an integral part of it. However the same relationship exposes human being to many forms of insecurities that have the potential to disturb the sense and take the peace out of mind. We embrace the relationship with some hope and expectations but what if it hurts more than smoothens out life. It is in this need that we look for loyalty in relationships. The loyal that make us feel secure and give the peace of mind. If you are secured in your relationships, you can take the world with much strength and courage.

Loyalty in relationship is a much sought after factor. It is much needed and desired. It is the single most factors that let us first fall in relationship itself. Every relationship has expectations and loyalty forms the foundation of it. It is in its inherent nature of Loyalty lies a bonding that keeps the core of human relationship intact. Loyalty in relationship comprises 5 keys or virtues that form the very nature of it. This can relate to any relation like marriage, friendship, love etc. Let’s go through these keys and see how they shape Loyalty

1)     Commitment- Loyalty demands a commitment, a promise that lay the foundation of it. It is unquestionable unsaid virtue that cherishes the relationship from the roots. Two people committed to relationship define the essence of relationship in itself and needs no words to relate it further.

2)     Dedication- Loyalty demands a dedication to the relationship. It goes far in prioritizing the focus and channelizing the energy on particular direction. Dedication forms the core of loyalty in relationship in terms of making it visible and appreciating the very aspect of it.

3)     Faith- Loyalty inspires faith. A faith in relationship itself answers all the questions and provides solution to tough situations. Developing a faith as part of relationship leads to the path of loyalty. It is the virtue of faith that helps us pick the right ignoring the ones that make us deviate from the path of righteous.

4)     Trust-Trust is integral part of loyalty in relationship. It makes you confident that the right thing would prevail without you having to influence it from your end. Trust is belief that clear many riddles and negates the need to put time and effort in things that are seemingly worthless

5)     Keeping Other over Self- Loyalty in relationship makes you put other over self. The decision, direction and the move is made keeping the other person in mind. The other becomes an integral part of your lives and you strive selflessly to make the relationship successful. It is an important key that promotes love, respect, and belongingness.

Human life is all about choices. There are always phases in our life that present us with choices that we need to take for a happy and successful life. Loyalty in relationship is definitely one of those decisions that make us successful in every sphere of life. After all a peaceful mind can take the world by its horns and face any challenges in life

Life is made of pieces put together by our emotions and bound by love and care. Loyalty in relationship keeps this intact and enforces it with more strength. There are things that are larger than life and loyalty in relationship is one of those. It is a core of interaction and the virtue cement relationship to make it more cohesive. Make Loyalty a part of your personality and reap the benefits of love and happiness.