I do believe that we all speak different love languages. I’m not into trying to put everything in a box and as such don’t really research this area a lot. However being that today is Valentine’s Day I thought it was worth thinking about.

I for one had beautiful gifts from my partner today. However the key for me is that gifts are a gesture and the real emotion comes from how I am treated, the words that are spoken and the actions. I don’t think these are exclusively things for Valentine’s Day and they are things that should be all year round.

What makes you feel truly loved? For me it’s really being made to feel that my partner still finds me irresistible, both emotionally and physically. So this comes across from unprompted heartfelt words and actions.

However for others, they may find that they feel loved when then their partner makes them dinner or does something extra around the house. Knowing what makes someone feel loved can be a great mystery and even with my own partner I still sometimes have to work it out. But as one half of a relationship, it is one of those things that I am always endeavouring to learn.

I really believe that making someone feel loved is something I do year round and it’s also something I enjoy, because when I can see how loved he feels it makes me just light up. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.