Look in the Country

I recently read a story about a new documentary in Australia that was about city women on a trip to meet eligible men. The premise is that they believe that men in the country are more open and less judgemental than their city counterparts. They believe that country men are more honest and willing to spend the time in getting to know someone.

This led to a barrage of comments from readers that wasn’t all that nice. Most suggesting it was the fault of the women involved and ranting about every reason this isn’t true. Mostly these rants were obviously by men.

I decided to ponder this story which you can read HERE.

After some pondering I thought to myself that yes this is a little overgeneralising but it is quite true. In my experience whether gay or straight, country guys are a much better option in many respects. When I say country guys I don’t mean necessarily those that left the country and moved to the city because they have done that for a reason. I mean country guys who don’t want to be anywhere near a city.

I don’t think country guys just have less choice because that would suggest they settle and I don’t believe that. I think country guys are more likely to fall for someone because they take the time to get to know them. They are not rushing into something based on outer beauty. I believe country guys are also less interested in the stimuli and influences that seem to drive those in the city who are always looking for something to grab their attention. In my experience country guys are quite happy in their lifestyle and are happy with who they are and the life they lead. Unfortunately that is rarely the case in the city.

I refuse to believe this is always the case but I think it comes back to the fact that country guys don’t have a lot of options around them for entertainment etc so they really are content and don’t always need to be doing something. In the city there are a lot more options so you learn that you need to be doing something. I think that’s why country people seem so much more content and easy going. At least that’s my experience. I don’t think either option is better than the other. After all the world is made up of different people. For me personally I would be much happier in a country town or out on a property somewhere. That is the plan for us, after all the only reason we are in the city is that’s where the jobs are at the moment. So we are working towards a country life and that suits us.