Self-Esteem is an extremely important part of who we are and how we live. It is really moulded by how much we feel valued, accepted and loved.

we often hear about how teens struggle with self-esteem issues but the reality is that it is about everyone. It’s not something you are born with and the level of self-esteem you have can change several times in your life. Self-Esteem is affected by how we feel others see and treat us and how we see ourselves. This means that our self-esteem can not only be affected by others but our own inner self. If you are extra tough on yourself you can often drag your own self-esteem levels down. So it doesn’t have to come from others.

In my life this self criticism has been a big player in my own self esteem. The other thing that affects my self-esteem is when people who’s opinion of me is important to me and I am let down by them. This usually comes from those you really love. I mean, a strangers opinion of me never worries me however when someone I really love and value has something to say it does have an impact. I’d like to say it doesn’t but the truth is it does.

The big issue for all of us is that our level of self-esteem will impact on our lives. It will influence our jobs, our relationships and our general health. It’s a fact that people with low self esteem are less likely to ask for help when they really need it. This can only lead to more problems because when we are in trouble it is the help we receive that gets us through.

I was reading several articles about self esteem and how you can improve it. I have included some of them below.
  • Set Some Goals - even if your goals are long term, break it down into short achievable goals and stick to them.
  • Have Opinions - don’t be afraid to voice your view. If you sit back and stay quiet you will not feel you have been heard. If you have something to say, then say it.
  • Helping Others - this could be volunteering for a charity or just giving someone a hand.
  • Only work on things you can change - don’t be miserable because you have small feet because you can’t change that. However if it’s something that you can change like your level of education or how you dress, then target that. The point being to concentrate on things within your control and not things that are not.
  • Fun - It’s important to have fun but stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t truly care about you just so you can call them friends. People who don’t truly care generally make themselves the focus and tend to drag you down in the process. Even if you know they do this, it is having an impact on your self-esteem.
  • Remember you are loved - this is important. Everyone is loved in this world by someone. If you ever feel you are not, really think about it. Sometimes you may not even realise it but I will promise you someone cares.

Remember that you are important, valued and loved. Even if it doesn’t feel that way right now don’t give up. Be positive and remember you are important and can contribute to your own well being. I believe this is a serious issue so if you want to add a comment or just send an email please do. I am also more than happy at anytime on any issue to post your story or something you want to contribute, just let me know.