Christmas, New Year and Update

I know it has been a while since my last pos but I was enjoying the holiday season and relaxing. 

Christmas was great spending it with my family on the Gold Coast. It was actually a good day. A couple of days after Christmas Tom and I got on a plane and headed to Melbourne. 

Victoria is where most of Tom's family live. So after getting off the plane we are whisked away to Tom's Dad's farm somewhere near Craigieburn. Spending some time here was probably the best time during the break. This cattle farm is a Wagyu property and we spent some time just enjoying it. I have to admit probably the best day was when we were out on the property mustering on the four wheeler. As much as people who know my quirky nerdy self would be surprised by his I really could just live on the farm. I may be hard work but the lifestyle makes it worth it. 

For New Years we ended up at Tom's mum's down at Tatura sitting around with good drinks and good food made it one of the most relaxing New Years I can remember. 

In amongst all this country holiday we did get into Melbourne for some post Christmas shopping. Funny thing is although I was looking for clothes we actually walked away with lots of shoes lol. 

It was a great trip even with some family tension at times. In fact that tension was funny because when your partner is in he middle of a dispute with his family there's not much you can do because you don't have he knowledge to get involved so it was unusual for me because I like a good argument lol. Overall though it was a great trip and it's just a shame we are back. I don't go back o work until the 11th, although now it looks like I will have a meeting in the office on the 10th. So for now I will enjoy the rest of my break and do some more shopping tomorrow. At the moment we have Tom's brother and his partner vising from Katherine. So we will enjoy some time with them before they go. Jake actually got some new ink today so once I get a picture I'll post it. It's only a couple of weeks until my Birthday and I intend o get some new ink then. Well at least that's what Tom intends to give me. I know what I want so stay tuned for that. 

Anyway, I'll get back to more writing over the next day or so and will talk more about 2012 and oher issues.