I’m not sure how relavent this post will be for those outside of Australia but I need to write this and will probably receive some negative responses but so be it.

There has been a lot of comments lately using the word UnAustralian. This doesn’t just include the events of yesterday with the Prime Ministers close call. You can catch up on that HERE.

Even before that event I was hearing the term, and it made me think about what is Australian. The answer to this will differ depending on whom you ask. Some will say it means watching the cricket, having a few beers and having a barbecue. Others will say it’s giving people a fair go. Seriously I’m not sure Australia has an identity.

We know that we have become a nation of political correctness and we know that we are not a desired location for tourists or immigrants any more. We definitely are not a progressive country when it comes to many issues and we are not a country where people get a fair go.

However in saying that, I do love this country but feel we are in transition, whether it be a good move or a bad one I am yet unsure. I believe that if we are not careful we will not progress as a country. Australia used to be known as a country that was laid back and everyone was treated equally. I think that this is no longer the case. I wonder if the level of political correctness and nature of the country has been caused by the majority or the minority.

For example, we know that the majority of Australian’s support marriage equality yet it’s not available. This sounds more like the minority (who are probably the loudest) will win. I know that in this country there is a lot of separation of Indigenous Australian’s to the rest including laws, benefits and programs. Even yesterday with the demonstration that turned a little ugly there was this impression that the Indigenous protesters should have been arrested. I don’t know because I was not there. However when it comes to Indigenous issues, most Indigenous Australians that I have known have said they don’t support a lot of the things that go on. They just want to be treated fairly and the same as everyone else. So is this just a minority of Indigenous who make it look bad for the rest.

I really don’t know. The thing I know is that being an Australian should mean everyone is treated equally. That to be Australian it means you accept people’s differences and just get along. If you don’t like someone you don’t associate with them. To be Australian should mean that you are laid back and fair. To be Australian should mean that you won’t get called a racist or bigot just for having a different opinion. I have no problem with someone not agreeing with my view on a topic like marriage equality, that is everyone’s right. But if I have an opinion on migration or Indigenous issues that differs from the politically correct it doesn’t make me a racist. Just don’t make me or anyone feel they can’t have an opinion if it differs from your own because that is just turning us into sheep who are not allowed to think for themselves.
In the end I would love to see Australia as an awesome country, where it is seen as truly the greatest place in the world. I hope that eventually those that have the power to influence, do change their opinions and work towards what is in the best interests of the nation and not just themselves or their agenda’s. I do hold out hope.