Quirky & Different

Something I have come to understand is that I am different and quirky, at least that is what I have heard all my life. Luckily it seems to have never really adversely affected anything. In fact at times I think it has actually helped. 

However the downside of that is it means for someone to get to know me they generally have to be as weird as I am or be patient enough to live with my eccentric side lol. In saying that I have learned that if someone sticks around they really do care. 

My quirks may be relatively mild but it reminds me how different people are. Over the last few years we have seen a lot of media about the consequences of not accepting peoples differences. This is particularly so when we see the number of suicides of young people due to bullying. What is strange about the whole thing is the bullies are the ones who obviously don't feel they fit in. If they were comfortable with themselves they would have no need to bully. Unfortunately this type of behaviour really sits with the adults out there. It's not a problem with the young but rather the adults who are demonstrating to their kids that this kind of thing is ok. It is time that adults realise that they need to encourage individuality in their kids and not conformity. Acceptance of peoples differences is becoming more and more important and I think it's time parents and future parents start encouraging their children to be themselves. Support that decision and don't force your children to conform to any social norms. 

Pink is a social stereotype for a feminine colour. Twenty years ago you would almost never see a male wearing pink, now anyone wears it. Playing with Barbie's is a feminine trait according to social norms however who cares if your young son would rather play with Barbie then a truck or visa versa. Let your son wear dresses for all I care. If that's what makes him happy let him do it. 

Until parents and everyone challenges social norms they will never change and we will continue to expect people to conform. I love the fact that I am quirky. I love the fact that I am me. Just because I am quirky or gay or like romance films doesn't mean I am anything other then me. I know plenty of straight guys who wouldn't get their hands dirty by working hard. Does this make them girls? Just because I want to live on a farm doesn't make me male. I am just me and love the fact that I am an individual. 

It is time that everyone stands up and supports individuality and doesn't expect anyone to fit into some box of what is expected. Let people be themselves and you will find society will become a much happier place.