I’ve always absorbed my news digitally. Each morning I check out the news sites whether it be or something else. Over the last several months I have noticed that on these standard sites you actually seem to receive the news anywhere from two days to a week after it actually happens. Well, to you do get a lot of breaking stories the same day they happen, however a hell of a lot of news just isn’t there when it happens.

Now you are constantly hearing about how the news organisations are struggling with staying afloat in this digital age. However when I look at it, they are struggling because by the time they publish it on their sites or even in print, it is old news. If I can get current news from a quick browse of my rss feeder then why can’t the news sites do a better job of staying up to date.

I came across a story on last week and it shocked me how inaccurate it was. It was obviously there to get attention. However I had already seen this story rebuked because the claims had been sensationalised. I can’t for a second believe that the news site hadn’t gathered opinion on the story before publishing it. This is common place in stories which are meant to be accurate journalism.

I guess these facts have troubled me because of the push over the last year for media companies trying to find ways to monetise online content. I just can’t imagine why anyone would pay for content unless you knew you were getting up to the minute, accurate stories with unbiased reporting involved. If I don’t have faith in the unbiased and accurate information being delivered why would I ever pay for it.

If there are any aspiring journalists out there, the news business is really there for the taking. Maintain your values and start your own site. Run it with integrity and offer all points of view and check your facts. I know I would read it.