I look back and think of the times I have been the happiest. In reality my happiest moments have been those in which I have given gifts and moments to people.

They really are the happiest times of my life. Not when I just give gifts but when I have put a lot of thought into something and have given a gift that I know someone will love. I get just as much out of it as the person receiving. Gifts don’t have to be things but could be experiences or opportunities.

I think to a time when I gave someone a great opportunity for a new career that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. I remember a time I gave someone a chance to record their music. They were amazing moments in my life.

When giving gifts. Simple gifts that didn’t cost a lot like and signed piece of sheet music by one of their favourite artists or the signed electric guitar. Or when I gave a pedigree cat because I knew it was the breed and colour that he had dreamed of.

These are the moments that I love. They are not the only great memories I have, but giving is something I love to do. I think because when I do those special gifts so much thought has gone into it and the reward is seeing people light up and really appreciate and love what you have done.

I know in some ways it’s selfish but I really enjoy that experience. I don’t always give great gifts but I do try to put thought into gifts. The joy of giving is so worth while. However in saying that I actually find it really difficult to receive gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive gifts but I find it difficult at the same time.

When I receive gifts from people it’s always for me about appreciating the thought and effort that goes into it. I don’t know why I find it difficult to receive but I do always hide my awkwardness. The reason for my train of thought is I’m only a week away from my own birthday and I know I will be receiving gifts. I am excited to see what thought and effort has gone into them but it does make me remember that in the end it really is “the thought that counts”.