Even though many people talk about trust and it’s importance, most people can’t really explain it other than in terms of honesty. I think it’s human nature in many ways to find ourselves in a situation where we just feel that we either do or don’t trust someone. Sometimes this is an instant (first impression) response and other times it’s someone we have known for a long time, developed and built trust and because of some reason, trust was lost.

The downside of not trusting someone is that it changes every aspect of how you interact with that person. It affects how comfortable you feel around the person to how you talk to the person. Whether fair or not, some people just make you feel that you can trust them and in others you have to get to know them first. I’m not sure it is human nature to just trust everyone until they destroy that trust even though most people do try to give the benefit of the doubt and trust someone until it is lost.

I have been reading a lot of blog posts that mention this ‘trust’ thing lately and it’s got me thinking about the impact it has on relationships. In doing this I realised that trust is a fragile thing and it can too easily be taken for granted. In today’s society I think that trust is underrated, and in many ways can be easily missed in the analysis of a relationship. After all the saying that “trust is earned’ is very true, but the reality is that once earned it has to be maintained.

Maybe this is why many relationships die, because trust is so important to the success of a relationship that unless it is maintained doubt starts to creep in and once that doubt goes unchecked and repaired it’s a downward slope. From what I have been reading I realise how fragile it really is. As humans we are all different so our interactions with others vary on dozens of levels. This means it can be very difficult to pinpoint every issue that arises in how we feel towards others. This is compounded when it’s about your relationship with your partner because you have to work things out or face demise.

I think this is why if I ever recognise something in my partner that signals a doubt he may have in something I have said or done, I do my best to make a point of clarifying the issue or working at restoring his faith in me. I consider myself extremely trustworthy and never do anything that could put doubts in his head, however at the same time I know that it will inevitably happen so I do my best to deal with any issues as they arise. After all it’s not always one big thing that will destroy trust but a gradual build up of small things.

In many of the blog posts I have seen this topic arise it’s not always a big obvious event that affects trust, most of the time it’s a small issue or a feeling. To me this makes it difficult to pinpoint a solution. So in the end I think it’s important to just be aware of the importance of trust and never take it for granted.