The Reality of People

What is it that makes people happy? That is a question that I have seen at the core of pretty much everything I read online and even in status updates. 

My opinion on this topic is quite simple. Well the answer is quite simple, maybe not achieving it. I think there are three things tha people search for in life. Some people will disagree and if I wanted to feed you a lot of crap I'd be more spiritual but there are some realities. 

The three things I believe people want is firstly a purpose. To have a fulfilling life you need to have a purpose, to feel that you are contributing to something. That could be achieved through helping others, helping the earth or simply contributing to society. This is sometimes achieved through a job but not generally fully. I think those in Australia who have the fortune of working on the land probably can achieve this. In some ways I think the reduction in farming and production in this country is not helping the counties happiness levels. However you need to find what you are passionate about and do that. 

The second thing is to feel loved and part of something greater. I do not believe as humans that we are meant to be alone. What I mean is that I believe we are meant to co-exist, have a partner in life. This is really important because we all want to share our lives with someone who truly loves us. To meet this need in today's society is still possible although it is becoming increasingly difficult. Mainly due to the fast passed advertising world and social media that works really hard at convincing us we need more and telling us we shouldn't be satisfied. However if you believe in love and you and your partner focus on each other than it is possible. It's important to feel that you are someone's No.1

The third thing, although some may disagree is that everyone wants to feel beautiful and sexy. Yes it's true, in fact this could be one of the most complex and most powerful things. Everyone has a need to feel beautiful and yet as we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone I find beautiful isn't considered beautiful to everyone. The other complication is that when someone doesn't feel beautiful they go searching for that validation. The key in this search is to remember that when you find someone who finds you beautiful, hold ono them and realise how special that is. It is important for everyone to feel sexy to someone they find attractive. Seriously though if your partner finds you attractive and you find them attractive then do whatever it takes to keep that alive. I know I still find my partner attractive and that is because even though we have been together a while, as I get o know more and more about him, I find his personality attractive and this in turn makes me find him more physically attractive to me.

Over all when we are maintaining happiness it is essential to keep things simple. After all we know from experience that as the world progresses the world gets more and more complicated. So keep your life simple, honest and happiness will follow.