Qld Alcohol Debate

Here in Queensland the debates rage over pub and club closing times and rules. In some countries there is no need for regulation due to the cultural differences however here they are needed. I would say the reason it’s required is simply because there is a lack of enforcement of rules that are currently in place such as the serving of intoxicated patrons and you cannot rely on pubs and clubs to do the right thing because they are a business. That’s not to say there are not responsible venues out there but unfortunately you cannot rely on it.

Currently in Queensland there is a lockout time of 3am. This means no one can gain entry or re-entry to a venue after that time. This was introduced to reduce alcohol fuelled violence in communities. However the venue can stay open to 5am. Many will say it has worked. However at present there are calls to have the ban lifted in one of Brisbane’s most dangerous spots to see whether it really did work.

At the same time, there was a survey that I saw today that revealed two thirds of people would like venue’s to close at 2am.

I personally have strong views on the subject and think it’s time we started really looking closely at society and not money. Obviously as in any government they generally are more interested in money than social issues. We know alcohol is a huge problem in Australia. I like to drink but have no need to get wasted. I think it’s a sad reflection on our society that we haven’t addressed this issue. Venue’s in my opinion should be closed by maybe 3am with a lockout time of maybe 1am. Maybe an alternative would be to have a mandatory requirement to stop serving alcohol at maybe 2am but allow venue’s to stay open.

I think in this country responsible drinking is non existent and as we have seen in reports over and over again binge drinking is becoming more and more a problem. I agree restricting venue’s isn’t going to solve the problem but until be start taking action to address the problem at a social level we need to place strict rules on things and ensure they are policed.

I know of very popular venue’s out there who have taken the stance to close at 1 or 2am. These venue’s chose to close because they believe there is a problem and they don’t want to be involved in the fall out of  violence that is out there. It must cost them thousands in lost revenue to do so, but they feel strongly from an ethical perspective and have done what they feel is best.

Don’t ignore the problems that are out there, live by your beliefs no matter what they are. The best way to make change is to set the example. We are all responsible for our society and how it turns out. Don’t let it fail.