Privacy Doesn't Really Exist

What concerns me is that people seem to still think that when you do something online that what you do is private. The reality is that if you post something on the web you should deem it as public. Yes we can control to a point what people see but the information is there forever.

I have been testing the new Facebook profile page and in many ways it is pretty good. It’s obvious they are going after everything. It’s taking on Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr etc but they have done a pretty good job of it. The timeline is good to. There are some elements that I find scary but it does make things easy to read. The downside is that it’s very busy. The already released new ticker is annoying but we know that people will stop noticing it after a while.

The element that is a little frightening is that now apps are posting on your behalf a lot more. In the ticker you will see that when you read something it will tell all your friends, when you listen to a song (on the music service) it will tell everyone. Basically everything you do will now be posted. Facebook say you have to allow it, but it is now embedded in much more and really if you want an app you have no choice. So now you have to be a lot more careful of what you authorise. I think it’s crazy to be mad at Facebook for opening the floodgates, after all it’s on their website and they are not hiding any of these things.

However it is becoming more important that you are careful of who you friend on Facebook and what posts are public. the more people you have on your profile the more careful you have to be about what you say. Those that have a lot of random adds will now have to be most careful. the other thing to be careful of is how much of your profile is open to anyone to see versus only people on your friends list.

I don’t have a problem with what is happening on Facebook because my theory is that you are responsible for what you publish. The key is to be aware of what you are publishing and who can see it. Think carefully before saying something about another person because that can be used in a court. This is going to make the job of scammers much easier so you need to be aware.

Again I am ok with the changes, but it does make you think more carefully before allowing an app access. Just remember that almost every click will show up in the ticker. The one benefit is it will make it more difficult for those web stalkers to go unnoticed.