Why do we let Bullying continue?

My recent post about the suicide of Jamey has raised in me some thoughts or frustrations. Since my post I have noticed this story being talked about more and more, including the more recent questions about whether or not those involved in the bullying will face criminal charges. 

What I am struggling with is why it takes a suicide to bring this into the spotlight. Bullying should be a criminal action and should be taken seriously. I don't know why it is tolerated by the law or by society. I know that when you are young there are always going to be bullies. However by saying it is part of life doesn't make it ok. 

Jamey on the other hand was not quiet about this and lots of people knew about this going on. I have no dount that some people wanted to help but in the end were probably lost as to what they could do. However I did some research on this case and looked at Jamey's blog and this guy obviously was struggling. I'm sure there were people trying to help but is it really ok thhat this bullying wasn't addressed, no it's not. 

Whether or not Jamey was willing to complain is not the point. This kind of behaviour should carry with it the powers of law enforcement to do something. I really don't like the law and the fact that in many ways it can't take action unless the target is willing to complain. If an injustice is happening then they need to be able to do something. 

With the trolling that law enforcement do online and the number of people that knew this was going on I can't believe someone didn't try and get the law involved whether it be through a friend or someone who read his blog. This commentary isn't about blaming those who knew but rather asking if people tried and failed to escalate the problem. 

We as a society are failing and that is something I find difficult to cope with. Where are the protections. Where is the support. There is something missing that we have allowed this to happen and not just once but again and again. It's time that society woke up and realised that being gay or different is ok. It would be a pretty boring world if everyone was the same.