I have a lot of respect for the art of music. But even more so the musicians out there. I mean I have known a lot of musicians in my life and on top of this we all see the musicians trying to make it on reality television. Out of all the musicians I have known there are a many with talent and many without, however the one thing I respect in all of them is there passion.

I’m sure all musicians want to make a living out of there music in an ideal world but be know the reality is less then 5% will survive on there music. This means that it really is about the passion and love for music.

Even those who are not talented when it comes to music, if you are passionate about it you should continue to follow your dream. Of course you should be responsible at the same time and ensure you are supporting yourself through other means and not just collecting welfare, but never give up.

We are often faced with the badly behaved musicians out there who think they more important than everyone else. Unfortunately this gives musicians a bad name. There are many more out there who are genuinely passionate about what they do and really do deserve respect. To those out there that truly believe in what they are doing and doing it in a way that shows the music respect, I want to say thank you.