Toxic Friendships

One of the most dangerous things in life are toxic friendships. I've discussed these during other topics but I thought maybe I'd mention them on here as I have found that generally everyone agrees on the basic criteria. 

There are a number of types of toxic friendships and if you are a little intuitive you should be able to work it out pretty quickly. But if you are looking for a few starters, here are a few in brief...

The Selfish - This is that person who isn't really interested in you and your life. They are generally the person who likes to talk about themselves. Even if in a relationship they tend to still make sure everything comes back to them. This kind of person tends to be draining and although not as dangerous as others, you would have to think twice before spending time with this type. 

The Untrustworthy - This is the kind of person who no matter what you say, it will alwyas feed back to someone else along the line. This is the one who every time you try and organise something, cancels. This is a more superficial type of friend and in the end you should forget about them. 

The Betrayer - This is the type of person who will use something you said against you. This type of person is usually jealous of you in some way or is wanting to use you to increase their own popularity. You know this type and should eject them from your life immediately because they will do everything from spread rumours to destroy your relationship in order to make themselves more popular. 

The Destroyer - This is the most dangerous. This is the person who will treat you like a conquest whether it be just socially or sexually. This is the person who will hit on you knowing you are in a relationship. This is the person who will be nice to the point of it achieving destruction. They hate to see you happy and will do whatever it takes to destroy that happiness. Usually it's from jealousy or simply they have a miserable life of there own and just need to project that. Don't play into this kind as they know how to manipulate well and even the tiniest of interactions can damage things beyond fixing. 

The Competitor - This is an exhausting friend because everything is a competition. Everything you do they will try and show you up. Instead of letting you win they will always find a way to beat you even if it means treating. 

This is only some of the types but I see these as the most destructive. I'm sure there are plenty I've missed but it's a start. None of these types are really worthy of having in your life because life is difficult enough without adding in these complications. One thing is for certain and that is there are good people out there in the world, unfortunately the bad are easier to find. I think mainly this is because the good and genuine people are sitting back living their own lives with their loved ones and families. Those that are not happy go looking for people to target even if it's not intentional. So don't be disheartened because the good are out there. Just don't fill your life with the bad because they only drain your energy levels and the destruction they can cause to your life, self-esteem and future can take a long time to repair.