Marriage Equality a Joke

If you haven’t seen the latest on this topic I am completely numb. Local politicians were requested to go back and poll their local members (these are the people in their areas) on the topic of Marriage Equality. The first thing that seems to have happened is only 20% of the nations electorates were polled. If you read the article HERE you will see how crazy this whole thing has become.

I have lost all faith in the system. I mean, I know that it will happen eventually but at this point I think people in politics are actively ignoring their constituents and only operating in a self serving way. Whether their constituents support or don’t support marriage equality they really should not elect them again next term simply because they were not given the opportunity to have a say.

I don’t even have faith in our referendum system. The last big referendum was in 1999 when the government asked whether or not we wanted to be a republic. It was voted down. The issue for me at the time is they worded the question in a way that meant the president would be solely decided by the Parliament and had no power. The manipulation of this was ridiculous and did not give any options for republic models. the question was: -

Electors were asked whether they approved of: A proposed law: To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament.

So really if they did the same thing over marriage equality there is no guarantee the public would be given choices. The biggest bigot in this country is our very own Prime Minister Julia Gillard. But is followed closely by people such as Bob Katter who is a political grand stander and is the most self serving person in politics.

I am finding that the issue of Marriage Equality in Australia is an ongoing issue and I don’t want it to seem like it is all I post about, so I am thinking of each week writing a post of news headlines that I have read and are important both to me here in Australia but also around the world. I will work on this and this way will give you a choice of what you read. This way I can concentrate on other areas.