Well today we went and see the film Beginners. Before I talk about the film and our reaction Let me just say thank you to Hopscotch and Sebastian for the tickets. I would also like to congratulate those readers who won tickets and hope you enjoyed seeing this film this weekend. 

 When it comes to reviewing films I don't want to rant about all the details. However it seems that so far the feeback as well as my own reaction was incredibly positive.  Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer played amazing characters in this film and I couldn't fault them. 

Instead of me telling you the premise of this film just go to my previous post HERE and watch the preview. 

This film actually reminded me why I love films. Not for the blockbusters that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce but these real life reflections that you can just thoroughly enjoy. 

All the characters in this film were incredible although if I had to fault something it would be the character of Andy, played by Goran Visnjic. Andy played the role of the young boyfriend of Christopher Plummer. I just didn't buy this character, however that is my opinion. One of the elements to this film that I found broke the tension or mood created at times was the subtle and clever subtitling which only occurred a few times but represented the thoughts of the dog. That may sound strange but it works. 

The other scene in the film that endeared me was a scene where it took a phrase from my favourite book "the Velveteen Rabbit". However I will let you see this because it really can't be explained. This book is by far my favourite book and it holds a significant part in my life. 

For now I will leave it and just say that if I was you I would make sure you don't miss this film when it officially opens on August 25th. I don't normally say this but this is a film not to be missed. 

Cheeky Nerd gives this film an 8 out of 10.