Marriage & Commitment

Well, we are in the lead up to the report back to the government by Federal MP's on the issue of Marriage Equality. This seems to be an issue that I get quite angry about but then I realise how sad it is. I mean when dealing with an issue like marriage I am getting more and more perplexed by the lack of rights. 

We know that marriage is an issue of love even if some members of the gay community don't want it. I saw a quote this morning that I have seen before and in some ways is very funny but it really is a good argument. The quote is "Why shouldn't gay people be as unhappy as the rest of us?". In a way it's negative but in another way it's very true. With the rate of divorce in the country it may be time to let us have a go at it. I don't believe there will be any less divorce but marriage is not about this it is about love. 

I was watching an episode this morning of a show that I would rather not admit I watch lol, and the whole episode or the last couple have focussed on the commitment of marriage with or without children. The wise one from the show keeps talking about vows and commitment. This is so true. When you get married or even when you get into a relationship it is all about commitment and you don't just run away from that when the times are tough. I am lucky that at this time in my life I have a committed relationship with someone who seems to have the same values as me, but in life you look out into the world and see that people don't seem to see relationships in the same way as I do. They see them as somewhat disposable. Get married or get into a relationship but don't work on it and when it gets tough move on. 

If we as a race are going to change the world then we need to start taking relationships and marriage seriously and see it as a serious commitment. Show respect to the person you are with and do whatever it takes it make it work. Marriage in particular is meant to be a lifelong commitment and as such be sure before you do it. Give gay people the ability to give marriage a go. I for one want to get married and even if I didn't I feel denying me the right is just petty and ignorant. This is what gets me upset. I feel by denying me this right it questions my love for my partner and makes me feel that my love is being seen as less than that of a straight couple. 

It's time that the bigots out there including our Prime Minister wakes up and concentrates on running the country and not getting involved in matters of the heart.