Poor Judgement

I hear a lot about the young making poor decisions when it comes to who they connect with, particularly online. The thing is I can see through my work and my own life that this is not limited to the young.

We hear of young people being preyed upon online and they can make silly decisions that can lead to catastrophic ends. We have all seen cases of the young being groomed or even worse murdered by someone random they have met on facebook. But this is not limited to kids.

Adults also need to be careful. Maybe they have let their guard down because they think they are grown up or this weird belief that if you have chatted online with someone for a while that they can be trusted.

When interacting online we tend to not hold the same level of standards to those we interact with that we do in our real lives. This is the first mistake because it can lead not only to horrible results but can have an affect on our real life. I mean, not only are we mingling online with someone who really isn’t worth it or is taking time away from those that really matter, but it also can have an impact on our own behaviour. I know you adults out there say it doesn’t happen, but I know of several cases where it has. You cannot interact with someone whether it be in the real world or online and it not influence you in some way. Yes it may be that you realise you don’t want to be like whoever you are talking to but it can also encourage you to do stupid things.

We as adults need to be just as cautious as kids when it comes to online activities. Not only do we run the risk of becoming locked into a world that isn’t real, but we also run the risk of thinking people are as they appear online. The reality is that it is rarely the case. It’s not necessarily a deliberate thing that people deceive, but online people share parts of their lives and more a perception of who they think they are rather than who they are.

A tip would be to not interact online with anyone who doesn’t meet your standards. If anything, even the smallest thing starts to ring alarm bells then stop. If you feel that the person doesn’t fit into the person you want to be or you think the person would not really fit your current situation then cut them loose. We also have to consider how that person could affect our relationship with the person we are with. The reality is when we are in a relationship we have a certain value system that has to really work for both people. Simply, if there is any doubt don’t.

The world has changed a lot and we do need to be careful. Remember what is truly important in your life and work from there.