Last Day of Leave

Well officially today is the last day of my week off work and it's been a very retrospective week. A couple of the days were spent doing things, such as spending an awesome day at Ekka and a day dealing with picking up supplies for the animals, but the other couple of days was really spent not doing much at all. 

The first thing I have noticed is that a week is just not long enough and I will have to start planning for a longer break when my babe is available. Having a break for work for just a week just really doesn't help you recover. It's a little like putting a band aid on something. The other thing I have noticed is that when I am just relaxing I end up doing a lot of retrospective thinking. 

One of the things it has reinforced for me is how much I love my partner. You may say that is odd, but even though I feel the love every day, when you are busy and working all the time you don't actually let your mind really work through how much you care. But having the time this week I realised just how deep that love is. 

Also I have realised this week just how I have got my priorities wrong around our plans. What I mean is that I have neglected the work that needs to be done in relation to our future business planning. I think this happens when you spend so much time dealing with your job that by the time you get home at night and are so tired that I just haven't had the energy to keep going. I think this is something I will be able to improve on. I just need to make myself more organised, which is funny in a way because most people say I'm the most orgnaised person they know. But for me I need to be better structured and have started organising myself for that. 

The other big thing I have realised this week is just what is really important. I try to remind myself of this everyday but it's good when your mind has the time to process information and decide for itself just what the priorities are. Thanks universe for this. In the end the number one priority is not my job and is my own relationship and our plans for the future. This doesn't mean I don't work hard in my job but it's just reminding myself that it is a job and not my life. My life is what we as a couple decide it is going to be.