Again it seems a lot of the questions I receive through this blog revolve around relationships and cheating/betrayal. This really is a sad reflection on society. I have posted on this topic several times over the years but thought I could simplify things. 

The first of the two biggest questions I get is "What is Cheating?". Well this one is simple, Cheating is whatever your partner thinks it is. If your partner tries to tell you that he didn't know I wouldn't believe it. If you are in a relationship with someone you know enough about them to know what they would consider inappropriate. Cheating doesn't have to be about sex. You may consider it cheating if your partner strips on IM or even just takes off his shirt. It may be your partner kissing someone. Cheating is pretty easy to recognise. We have all been cheated on, my last boyfriend cheated on me and unfortunately I didn't know about it until after the end of the relationship. This is simply wrong because it left me unable to respond to the facts and it also made it difficult to put any positive thoughts on the relationship because he left without ever telling me. To make things clear though it is a good idea to let your partner know the boundaries. It shouldn't be a topic you are too embarrassed to talk about because it is important to have open and honest conversations with the person you are seeing. 

The second question I get is "Should I give him a second chance?" Seriously this question is one I cannot answer. Every case is different and everyone is different. You need to make that decision yourself. If you listen to your heart you will know what you need to do. The danger is making sure you also listen to your head. The key is to really make this kind of decision based on what you think is right and not out of a fear of losing him. After all, is it worth having someone in your life that you can't trust. Just think carefully.