What is Truly Important?

What is truly important in life? This is a question I think if more people asked themselves would lead to a much more peaceful world.

The recent riots in London which to some point seem ridiculous and the recent devastation around the globe such as Norway has made me think about what is truly important in my life.

So below you will see the very few things that I think are worthy to make the list. If we all concentrate on what we feel is truly important it will change the world. I don’t believe the riots are about what people believe but rather the mob mentality. The list is in order of what I think is most important to me.

Things that are important to me:-
1. Partner - A relationship with someone I love who loves me above all else
2. Family - The love of my family
3. Purpose - A goal of what we want for the future (this is important particularly in a relationship)

That is it. In saying that, if I have the first one I believe I have everything. The other two are a bonus. A strong relationship and love will always help you survive the bad times and will make the good times much more enjoyable.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand up for what we believe in, but in the end how we do that should always be done with respect for others. War, Riots and Murder will never achieve what you want in the long term and all it will do in the short time is hurt innocent people, because innocent people are always caught up in these things.