A Little Apple & A Little Marriage

I don't have a lot of time today as we have to get ready for a road trip but I wanted to mention a couple of things I have observed lately. Firstly for an update on my work with iOS5. Not a lot has changed since my last post about iOS5 except as would be expected I have found a lot more bugs which I am sure will be worked out before the final release in September. There are definitely some issues with the notifications screen but I do like it. I have received a lot of notifications lately and it's so nice to have them not interrupt what I was doing. This feature is going to be a welcome one for all iOS users. The wireless sync has a couple of issues. I've noticed too that if I delete an app on my phone that when I sync it comes back. In fact it is quite difficult to get rid of except on iTunes. Another bug in the system is when backing up to iCloud even though I can see it is backing up it's not recording the backup on the phone just saying it has never backed up. It will be easier to see what is going on here once we actually have access to the cloud via the web. We should see an update to the beta in the next couple of weeks so as each beta is released it will be great to see how it develops. Overall though I love some of these changes. Once I have some time I will work more closely with the Xcode and see how app development goes. The big test will be once OSX Lion is released which could be as early as next week according to rumours. Even though I haven't heard any recent rumours about it I think every user in the world would like to see the next big development to be iTunes. iTunes seems to be the most out of date interface of any software. It just simply isn't user friendly. The more and more I talk to people the poor performance and interface of iTunes seems to be the one key thing that lets Apple down. Let's hope. 

On another topic, I am seeing in Australia at least that even though the fight for marriage equality has been stepped up, in fact I don't ever remember it being as big as it is now, it is obvious the PM is doing everything possible to remove herself from the topic. I want to point out that I know this is only one of the many issues that are facing this country at the moment and I am not saying it is the most important issue. However I want to say that it is still important. Last week when I received an email from a labor politician who even though stated she would support whatever position the Labor party takes made it quite clear that she is in full support of marriage equality. This is becoming more and more the case and I believe strongly that everyone should have their say. If I want o ask that if you support marriage equality or even if you just support equal rights for everyone that you have a say. I have found a lot of people agree that equality is important but don't have strong views either way. If this is you then it is still important for you to state this so the government knows that you are not against equality. Australian Marriage Equality have an easy way for you to do this in less than 60 seconds. If you click HERE the link will take you to the Marriage Equality email form which will contact local politicians. This is important. The PM is working against her own party to block marriage equality even to the point of not giving certificates to gay couples stating they are not married in Australia. This is a certificate that Australian's need in a lot of countries, gay or straight, in order to marry overseas. So if you are straight and want to get married in another country they will often ask for a certificate of non-impediment. This certificate is simply to state that you are not already married in your own country. However the PM is blocking the issue of these certificate for gay couples which would allow them to get married overseas. Now to me this is a particularly bitter and bigoted thing to do. It's one thing to set your own policy in Australia but to go to this extreme is just wrong. Anyway, I'll leave it there.