I was recently reading a post from Sunshine about looking for meaning in life and it reminded me how important this is. It's so easy to lose focus of what is really important. At the moment we are so busy that we have not placed any emphasis on us and instead have found ourselves so busy with work and other obligations that we have neglected our own time doing nothing. By nothing I mean giving ourselves some time around the house doing the things we want to make sure our house is our home. 

Looking at the bigger picture we need to refocus and look at the future and what we want. Actually we have done a little of this but growing that has taken a back burner to exhaustion from work and similar. Even as I write this it seems ludicrous that things outside that really are not going to increase the level of happiness are taking a priority. Even work needs to be put in perspective. I am a perfectionist and with the whole ASD side of me, I am passionate about ensuring my work is successful, however in the end it is just a job and I need to ensure my priorities are refocused. 

Life does have meaning to me. My own success to me is about making a difference. It doesn't have to be global but it does have to be personal. The other part of that is for me I need to keep things simple. When I'm going through a refocus I always ask myself questions like if I was on my death bed am I going to regret not getting that contract or not doing a project? Or am I going to regret not spending more time on my family or helping others? These type of questions are important because they help you focus your goals and aspirations on what is really important. 

This is the same for personal relationships with friends etc. I think you get a lot more from that small number of people who are willing to sit down and open up about themselves, rather than the multitudes who you just socialise with. Don't misunderstand, it's good to have those who you just have dinner with etc and the conversations are generally just fun and superficial. This is good for the wind down, however this group of people shouldn't overshadow those that you can really have a quality conversation with. I think sometimes we give all our energy to those who really don't care about us genuinely but provide entertainment rather than those who actually care about us. It's about balance. I make sure I never become complacent abut my partner because this is the person you plan to build a life with. I really believe my partner should know me better than anyone else. I have nothing to hide from him and tell him everything. I have realised that sometimes we allow others to accumulate a lot of time when really they are just not that important. I'm being simplistic a little and will expand on these topics individually in the future. 

What do I believe the meaning of life is? To me it's simple. To live a life that I can look back on and feel proud of who I am. A life that is included doing something that I feel has contributed to the world. That doesn't mean going out and volunteering with every organisation under the sun, but for others it might. It could be as simple as I have done my best to have a quality life where I know my partner doesn't have a dount in the world of how much I love him. It may simply be doing something for a living that I love that contributes to a world I want. Whether that be working with people, animals, the environment. I'm not saying you have to be an activist just do what you love. It may be as simple as owning your own business. 

Remember life is short. Never lose focus of what is truly important. Live a life that is moral, ethical and honest, whatever that means for you.