The Ultimate Work Confrontation

Over the past week Sunshine has been discussing an issue at work where he has decided to confront the situation. Take an opportunity to read the post/s and check it out. 

The reason I am writing about it is that it has made me do some thinking. If you have read the post you will understand this comment. When I read what was happening it reminded me a lot of the beginning of the film Jerry Macguire. It was very similar. 

What Eddie is doing is really questioning the business practices of his organisation but moreso what he is doing is confronting a fundamental culture that exists within the company. 

What has struck me about this situation is why is their an element of fear involved in simply giving feedback or an opinion. This isn't unique to this organisation but is often found anywhere. If you ever want to actually question the brand and it's values you are afraid to some point that you could potentially end up like Jerry Macguire, out of a job or victimised in some way. 

This really is a sad reflection of the corporate world. I mean in this instance and I know Eddie personally, I actually believe his input would be a huge step forward for his organisation if they listen and take it on board. But even if the feedback wasn't as thought out and articulated why is it that organisations don't encourage this without consequences? I know most organisations say they want the feedback but in every organisation I have been it's more lip service and if you do say something you end up regretting it. Really if an organisation wants to move forward and really set themselves apart from the competition the best ideas are going to come from those that work within the company and those whom are passionate about what they do. 

For me this is one of the main things holding back companies in this day and age. If you are at the head of a big organisation and want to be the best then it's time you not only encouraged this feedback but rewarded people for it. I guess the thing that causes problems is ego, the questioning of decisions that someone else has made. But truly this is ridiculous and if you want to see your organisation rocket forward then listen and support those who are really the heart of your business. Just because they are not the CEO doesn't mean they don't have ideas that you haven't come up with yet.