OSX Lion

It seems just about everyone I know is talking about Lion at the moment so I thought I would make an early post. I’ll admit I was an early downloader of the software so I’ve had it for almost two days now and have had a chance to play around a little. So here is what I have found so far.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures - I love these so far. I am a desktop user so am using a trackpad. But so far the gestures work really well. I love Mission Control which allows me to bring up all my open windows. This is not new as a feature but the ease of access using gestures has made this an awesome feature. The one thing that made me blink was Natural Scrolling which reversed the scrolling direction. I may consider playing with this but for now I just turned off the feature so I could scroll the way I am used to. It was easy to turn off in the trackpad settings.

  • Full Screen apps. I don’t mind this feature but it doesn’t really add much to my user experience. Going back to gestures, you can use a sideways gesture to move between full screen apps which in itself is a really cool feature. The downside is that it made me disappointed that I can’t use this slide feature to move between my normal screens.

  • Mission Control - As I said before, I like this more for the gestures than the feature.

  • Launchpad - This is an ok feature. It brings into line the navigation you get on an iOS device including folders. It’s cute. The only problem I have had with launchpad is that you can’t remove anything, very similar to iOS. The only thing you can do is start a folder like I have done called ‘crap’.

  • Resume - This feature apparently reopens all apps at the point where you closed them. So in theory this should be a great featire but as of yet I haven’t had a chance to fully play with this.

Other - There are a lot of other features. I like the Contacts app and iCal but don’t use mail. Air-Drop I haven’t used yet because I’m the only Mac user in the house at the moment. There are a number of features that I haven’t tried yet but will hopefully get a chance soon.

Overall, the changes that have come with Lion are great. I don’t think they are groundbreaking but I like what I see. I can also see how some of the features will be far better once full access is given to iCloud and it’s features. I want to play around more with some of the newer more obscure features of Lion and will do so in due course.

Again I don’t see Lion as life changing but still think is far better than Windows 7. From what I hear with the next Windows OS maybe it’s time Apple starting looking for some features which completely shake up the way we do things. The user experience which has always been far superior in Mac is now sliding closer and closer to the Microsoft experience. With the gap shrinking Apple need to get back to being revolutionary.