Personality Traits

Whether it be at work or in my personal relationships there are some personality traits that I still find frustrating. One of those is people who always tells you want they think you want to hear. This one is difficult because all you want to do is deal with facts. Some times you can see through it and other times it's more difficult. Whether we like to hear the truth or not, it is still better to hear the truth then to be constantly trying to work out whether you are being fed bullshit or whether it is genuine. 

The other trait is those that don't say what's on their mind. Those that if you were to ask them 'are you ok?' or 'what's on your mind?' say "nothing". This group is frustrating because it's like they think you can't see that something is going on. We all know that 75% of communication is body language, yet we seem to think that the 25% that comes out of our mouths hides the rest. 

In both these cases I think that life would be so much easier if people would just be upfront. At least then you can deal with the truth. In a professional setting it would make doing your job so much easier and you wouldn't waste so much time on things that people find unclear or they would disagree with. In a personal sense at least we were upfront you could probably avoid misinterpretations and that expectation that you 'should just know' everything. 

I spent time at a conference this week and one of the things I noticed is the lack of people willing to open up about business, usually from either the fear that you may take an idea or the fear that you may find out someone is struggling. The reality is that if people worked together you could achieve so much more. The consolation in these situations are you brush it off and move on. If someone doesn't want to contribute then so be it. In a personal relationship it leads to a lot more problems. 

I guess the thing in life is we are all human. We all make mistakes and have personality traits that drive us. In my life I am no expert and screw these things up all the time. I do work hard at communicating clearly and work very hard at trying to improve myself. I will never be a perfect communicater but until the day I die I will learn. For me it's not just about me but about improving my relationships. I am someone who is always wanting to grow within my relationships and in some small way this can improve the world of those around me. In the end I am always thinking of other people in the things I do. My belief is that to be a good person you should always put others before yourself, as long as it's not to my own detriment or health. I will continue to live this way until the day I die.