Recently I was reading a friends post about racism in the gay world. I was thinking about his comments and agreed that it is a problem. I mean the type of racism he was speaking of is a problem in every part of the world not just the gay world, but considering how us that are gay should be more sensitive to these issues it is something you wouldn't expect to see so readily. Unfortunately you do, particularly around race as Eddie had written in his post.

I have found this to be a big issue. I am someone who has never really had any issues with race particularly when dating, however I have found that many do. The other thing I have found hard to deal with is the discrimination against those who are sick and in particular those members of the gay world living with HIV. Although I am fortunate not to have this disease I have never had any issue with those who do. Yet you constantly hear gay men in particular not showing love and compassion but rather distain and ignorance towards those who do, thinking it is something far removed.

I have known a number of men with HIV and in almost all cases, they got this disease from a mistake or a moment of stupidity not from being a whore as seems to be the most common misconception. In fact a lot of those I have known, were in fact very young when they contracted HIV, usually under the age of 25. It is becoming more prevelant again in this age group which just shows that this age group don't think it will happen to them.

For a group of people who are a minority and experience bigotry and discrimination, a lot of gay men are far more discriminatory and bigoted than the general public. 

I realise that even those who are gay are a varied and diverse group, but I do think it's time that we remember that if we are going to battle discrimination and bigotry in the world we first need to ensure we are not exactly the same as those we are fighting. 

Live by example and others will follow. Don't be a hypocrite. Respect is earned.