Get Married

 I came across the clip in my previous post when browsing my feeds, Thanks to Aussielicious for posting it. I'll add you to my links when I put it together. The clip like others I have seen lately manage to produce a tear. But when I sat down to think about why it brought a tear to my eye I was surprised at what I found.

Initially I thought it may be because it showed the whole ideal of marriage for me and the fact that I would like to marry my partner. It will be a great day when this is allowed. Then I realised that wasn't the reason. 

Then I thought it may be because it just showed an ideal for any relationship and the happiness that comes from that. But no it wasn't. Was it just seeing a gay couple so happy and in love, but alas no. After much thought I realised that the reason the clip brought a tear to my eye was simply it was a happy event which I could relate to and that there was nothing negative going on. I know by now I am probably confusing you a little but stay with me. 

Life is full of ups and downs and we have all been there. At this point in my life I couldn't be happier. I have an amazing partner who has really been a blessing. Seeing that clip just not only made me happy because it showed a gay couple getting married, but simply because the clip showed a scene that really shouldn't be that uncommon. It demonstrated something that should be the norm. 

Really we should live in a world where two people getting married shouldn't be about whether or not they are two males but whether or not they are two people who are full of love for each other. What made this clip all the more beautiful was it really didn't seem like a political statement or an add for marriage equality but just another happy event in someones life. It's a scene we should see every day. It's a scene that shouldn't be such a big deal, but unfortunately until it is accepted into law it is a something that is far too rare.