We Are All Connected

Spending time looking not only at purpose but spirituality and similar I am often drawn to thinking about absolutes. What I mean is I am very evidence based in my decision making. One of the things I often discuss is my version of the ToE (Theory of Everything).

I have always known innately that I am connected to all things. I believe strongly that we all have purpose and even if we don’t know what it is we have an impact on the world and the future. It always reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Homer travels back in time and to cut a long story short steps on a bug. When he returns to now the world has changed. Now that may be a dramatic interpretation but the principle is true. We really do have an impact.

Looking for evidence of universal consciousness I remember the 100th Monkey experiment. For those of you who know the 100th Monkey experiment it is an example of how we are all connected. In the experiment a scientist introduced a sweet potato into a colony. One monkey discovered washing them in a stream made them taste better. By the 100th monkey it was no longer a learned behaviour but rather an instinctive behaviour. Ok, that may not seem important in a small colony but scientists discovered that the behaviour jumped across oceans thus when a certain critical number achieves awareness, this new awareness may be communicated through the mind.

This really is an evidence based example of universal consciousness. Not that I needed convincing. It is something I believe and live by. I believe if you remind yourself that you are connected to everything than you start to see the world differently. You start to realise that everything we do has impact on others. We must look after others around us and look after the things that make us part of the earth.

It also shows us that it is an irrational belief to think we are not the same as different races and ethnicity. Someone like me who is Caucasian is no different to someone of Asian ethnicity. We may have some cultural or traditional differences but we are still part of the same consciousness. We are one universal race that is also connected to all living things on the planet and even maybe the universes. This same principle is true of equality. I have never understood this argument that I am not allowed to marry by partner because we are both male. I am part of the universe and connected to everyone and everything so why am I treated differently?

No wonder the world doesn’t work properly. If we as humans are projecting all these negative ideas and feelings out into the world, of course that is going to have an impact on the not only the universal consciousness but also nature. I see the potential for a great future for this planet if we can all just do our little bit. This is the goal I have for myself and I will continue to live my life with this in mind. I may not be able to change the world, but I can contribute to the universal consciousness and I will.