Marriage Equality - Coming Soon!!!

The recent announcement by Queensland premier Anna Bligh that she supports marriage equality has seen an outpouring of opinion across the net. With the Queensland Labor party now in support it adds to the Tasmanian & South Australian Labor parties also in support and it’s expected the WA Labor party will soon add their support.

The outcries tell me that the Christian Lobby are running scared. It’s a fact that all surveys show that the majority of Australian’s support marriage equality. It’s a fact that religion shouldn't interfere with politics even though in the past the power of religious groups has controlled politics. In the past politicians have bowed to the religious lobby because it appeared through their power of organisation that they controlled the balance of votes. What is amazing is that they are now losing their hold. I’m not in any way saying that they are out of the picture, just that I think the government are starting to realise that they may not be as powerful as first thought. It will certainly take a strong will to stay strong in the fight but I think it is possible.

Then only a couple of days ago the New York senate voted in favour of Marriage Equality. In the article over at The Punch linked to below, the comments are very interesting and worth a read. In fact there where a couple of comments by @Kevin who is obviously Catholic but his comments are really worth reading even if not everyone agrees.

The article linked to at the bottom of this post has a number of comments attached to it and if you take the time to read them you will certainly get a feel for the fear of the religious lobby. It’s really crazy because religion has a place in society for those that believe in that, however it is a belief system and I have no problem with these groups to peacefully promote their beliefs like anyone else. However they need to realise they don’t own the right to everyone in this country and that their beliefs are a choice. If they try and force everyone to live by their rules they are actually not achieving anything. In fact they are not following their own belief system.

It is time for the PM to realise she is at odds with not only the country but her own party. If she needs to save face then all she really needs to do is state that after listening to the Australian people she believes Australian’s want this. I mean she is apparently the ‘leader’ of the ALP and this country. If she doesn’t listen to the people then she is not a leader. Actually what is amazing is that she is still spouting the anti-gay rhetoric of marriage being between a man and a woman. What makes it amazing is that her own party are not supporting her. I think it may be time for her party to either kick her out or let her know clearly that she needs to fall into line.

Enough of that. With support for marriage equality gaining force and they ALP conference in December being the ground zero for discussion we should see the campaign becoming more prominent over the coming months. the thing to remember is this is a very important issue to many, but it’s not the only issue facing the country and it’s politicians at the moment. the point I want make is that marriage equality shouldn't be the big issue it has become. It really is a basic right of all people. Equality is the key word in all of this and it’s important to remember we are not asking for anything above and beyond what is available to others.