My take on Apple

 I am a huge Apple fanboy and would consider myself to be loyal to Apple. The recent keynote at WWDC11 that introduced us to the iOS5 and Lion not to mention iCloud didn't impress me. 

I'm happy that a lot of the announcements will benefit me but I really think in a lot of areas Apple is playing catch up to some of it's competitors. My argument has always been that Apple will sometimes ensure they have things working perfectly before releasing them but more than ever they are just following. 

I'm looking forward to the new Mac operating system Lion as it will introduce a lot more features around navigation that I have been waiting for, particularly when it comes to the use of the trackpad. In fact I am probably looking forward to Lion more than I am looking forward to iOS5. Where iOS5 is concerned I am looking forward to a new alert system even though it is really in many ways just following android. I am looking forward to wireless syncing because everyone who has an iOS device knows iTunes is a pain in the arse. So it will be good to see a lot of these features but as yet I'm not convinced there is a lot of innovation there. 

iCloud is an unknown at this point. I think I'll see how it works because I must be missing something. At present I would say it's not much of a cloud service. It is less of a cloud service and more of a road to and from your files. iMatch may be good and once it launches is Australia I'll play with it and see if it impresses. 

Apple is still an amazing business and I do love their products. I'm not sure I see them as much of an innovator as I used to and the reality is that no company can stay at the forefront of innovation all the time. I do hope that the business model that Apple has sees it move forward to stay the best. I most definitely think that Apple is still maintaining a leadership in the tech sector but I think that comes from the control it holds over it's products and the simplicity rather than the innovation.