For those of you who are long term readers you will know that I am all for the emergence or increase in profile for those who are more androgynous. In fact I wrote a post not that long ago about Andrej Pejic the awesome Australian model who is making androgyny mainstream in the world of modelling. He is not the only one though and others such as Justin Vivian Bond is making headway showing people that it’s not necessary to conform. You should read Justin’s description of who Mx Justin Vivian Bond is HERE

I see this as a move for people to be themselves. We each identify as male or female biologically but does that really describe who you are, I don’t think so. Is a biological description of who you are physically really serve any purpose. Think about it. You receive a survey or fill in an online membership and it asks you whether you are male or female. What purpose in this day and age does that really achieve. What difference does it make other than statistically whether you are physically male or female? I mean even in terms of marketing it doesn’t really mean anything because people these days have varied interests.

Are we getting closer to a day when that question really isn’t necessary? I hope so! If it is necessary then maybe it should be worded, what is your biological sex? Is it male, female or other? Whether people want to admit it or not there are people in the “other” group. If you are looking for useful information you really need to ask a lot more questions not only about biological identification but how you identify, whether you are gay, straight, bi etc and other more detailed questions.


As far as androgyny goes I am celebrating the increase in awareness. I think it’s great people are being allowed to be themselves. I do think when the world wants people to conform to something that they really need to ask themselves why it is necessary. I suspect most of the time it’s only for the purpose of making things simple because if anything new comes along they would have to look at all the changes (work) that would be necessary to change. Taking the easy way out is not the answer and only demonstrates laziness. 

Celebrate diversity.
On another angle, I happened to just see this TED clip. It is about gender and well worth watching.