What makes a Perfect Relationship?


  • Honesty - is without a doubt the most important thing to me. I have to be with someone who is totally honest, almost to the point of overkill. The reason for this is I believe that if you are not completely honest with your partner than you may as well not be there. This is the one person you should be able to be completely honest with.

  • Communication - is so important. If you can't communicate then the relationship is going to vanish at some point. You need to be able to talk about things openly. If there is a problem, whether it's big or small you need to be able to let your partner in on it. Otherwise your partner will notice something isn't 100% right and will unnecessarily be concerned. It's much better to get it out and deal with it. It's well known that most issues or problems are because of misunderstanding or are easily solved. It's much better to deal with things and move on.

  • Values - are extremely important. You need to be upfront with your partner about your values and my experience is that if you don't share the same values with your partner, it will eventually come back to bite and it's just not worth it.

  • Compromise - is something that you do all the time in a relationship and something I have learned is that when I remind myself that my partner is the most important person in my life everything else seems insignificant. Sometimes compromises can be small things and others big things but really I ask myself how important are these in the scheme of things. Really, I have always put my partner first particularly if it's something that concerns him. I don't always agree but if I sense it's an issue for him then it's gone., no question.

  • Interests - are something that you don't have to be identical with but you need to have enough similar interests to get along. I think over time you also teach other or naturally end up sharing even more interests. Being the introvert that I am my partner actually has helped me break out of my shell more because he always includes me in the more extroverted activities.

  • Commitment - must be total, no compromise. I believe that if you are totally committed to each other you will overcome the difficult times. You need to feel that when you go through the really tough stuff that they are not going to be stupid or run.

  • Baggage - whether you like to admit to it or not baggage is something we all have. Having a partner who actually helps you work through it rather than criticise or use it against you is amazing. It's important that you work together on these things to overcome them. Really baggage is very real to the person that has it. They may not understand why you have it or even think it's crazy stuff but they accept it and understand you. They just help and don't exasperate the problem by thinking it's stupid. This is the sign that someone really loves you.

  • Affection - for me is really important mainly because it's an action. It shows love not in words (although I believe words are extremely important) but in actions.