Anniversary Wrap


The weekend saw us celebrate our first anniversary. It’s only early days for us, but it was nice to recognise the time we have spent together. The day itself was a good day. We didn’t do a lot. We spent the day roaming around the city enjoying a little shopping and then went to dinner at Miro’s in Teneriffe. Mirro’s is a Spanish restaurant and I’m sure I’ll post a review in due course. There were gifts exchanged and generally I count this as an amazing day.

However, I wanted to write a little bit about what I am feeling rather than what we did so if you don't like a little gushy stuff than run now.

Twelve months ago I was in a place that was not entirely stable. I had been recovering from a relationship that did some serious damage to me. I had also been involved with another person who I realised was a wrong match. After that I realised I had to be more careful about dating.

With Tom, we had talked a little before meeting and I felt that this person seemed nice but I was very wary as you can never tell if someone is just telling you what you want to hear. Then we met for the first time and as I walked through his door, I realised that something felt right. I couldn’t explain it but I knew it. I was still nervous and wary but he was able to make me feel very comfortable. I didn’t sense anything false and there were never any of those alarm bells going off. You know the ones! Those little tiny ones that we tend to overlook.

As time passed we grew closer and a lot just felt right. Now a year down the track we are living together, about to move house and really planning our future. It all may sound silly to some but I can look at this relationship and see something I have never seen before. What is it? Just what a relationship should be like. I mean it’s not always smooth sailing, but there are so many aspects to the relationship that I just never thought possible. I think my relationship experiences had programmed me to believe relationships work a particular way full of problems. However I realised when getting into this one that relationships can really be between two people who are equals. Two people that respect each other and love each other without a lot of drama.

It really is good to be in love and happy. It is good to be with someone that loves me without question. It’s good to be with someone who is willing to unconditionally compromise when something is concerning and visa versa. Honey, I love you and can’t wait for the next year and the next decade. I literally couldn’t imagine a life that doesn’t include you.