One of the things I am grateful for (most of the time) is that when it comes to love I am very much a believer. Those of you who have been following me over the years will know that even through the breakups I have experienced I have never lost faith in either love or men. 

I think the reason for this is that no matter what has transpired I have maintained the belief that I deserve someone who wants me completely. So when those breakups have happened, even though it has been hell at times I get through by telling myself I deserve better.

You never know what life is going to throw at you and you never know when you will be dumped or betrayed. However when it comes to relationships I believe in the people I am with and even though I have been disappointed at times I have never given up. The most difficult thing I have found after a relationship ends is the baggage that comes with it. Sometimes that baggage is damn hard to overcome. Just when you think it is gone, something happens (and it can be totally unrelated) that brings up baggage. However what I have learned is that I have to be totally up front with my partner about these things. Not because there’s necessarily something that can be done, just so there is an understanding of where it comes from.

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those baggage moments. Something had been bugging me over the last week and even though I had voiced the problem I didn’t know why. Then I woke up a few days later and just knew exactly why I was feeling the way I did. In fact what I couldn’t understand is why I didn’t realise it immediately considering how devastating it was at the time. Anyway, as soon as I was face to face with my partner I let him know and it helped a lot both for me to know why I irrationally felt a certain way and for him to better understand me. It also gave us both the opportunity to share some things about ourselves.

I really am a believer in love and I truly believe I have been fortunate with my current partner. Ok, he can be moody and lack communication sometimes lol, but so can I. The main thing is that he loves me and we work on our relationship daily. Love is an incredible gift and it really does make everything better, not necessarily easier but definitely better. I am lucky to have someone who shares my values and someone who actually wants a future and can see it. I really do hope everyone can find someone like him.