Generation Me

Today a friend Tweeted “I have yet to encounter a GenY whose neck I don’t want to wring”. Is this an accurate encounter. Well if you know the commenter than she is probably right.

I don’t dislike all Gen Y, in fact I am in a relationship with one. However I have had the not so much pleasure  of working with a lot and encountering a lot out there. GenY or Gen Me as they are often referred to, do tend to share a lot of unique traits including a huge amount of narcissism and selfishness. I want to say that these descriptions are generalising, but I am yet to come across the proof that these generalisations are inaccurate.

It’s not all bad though, I have found that Gen Y are certain of what they want out of life and whether they are delusional or focused this view or direction is admirable.

The thing I have noticed however even with the best of this generation is there is something missing. It’s probably experience. It seems that even those who try not to be totally selfish are missing some knowledge or experience because in the end they may not be selfish but they are generally not selfless either. In the end maybe they haven’t had to truly sacrifice so they don’t understand what is really important. I often find when talking to people in this group that in many ways they have things around the wrong way. For example, they may have short term debt, but instead of making the tough decisions to get rid of the short term debt and not spend on anything, they really would rather turn it into medium term debt and not really sacrifice.

I also find that many GenY people want the world but expect to start at the top of the ladder, rather than work their way up. I wonder if this all comes from our move as a society away from allowing people to fail such as the no loser policy in many schools.

I have had a look at several studies on this generation and found some very surprising items that were identical across all studies. A few are below.

- Gen Y is not as social as thought. They have a lot more FB friends than others but don’t often have real connections. In many cases not even with their partners. Often they want the real connection with their partners but don’t know how.
- Gen Y is more socially minded then previous generations. The motivation is not to change the world but rather self satisfaction.
- Gen Y prefer automated calls, don’t really like talking to someone.
- Gen Y are not that into cars
- Gen Y require a lot more praise in the workplace
- Gen Y will change the face of working due to their desire to have a fair and flexible workplace. (This could be good for the rest of us)
- Gen Y is only interested in how things affect them