Aussie Politicians Listen Up

Today we saw the ALP vote in favour of a conscience vote and a change to the party policy in favour of Gay Marriage. This was an awesome step forward. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this. I really doubted it would happen. Now comes the challenge. Yes, the ALP will allow a conscience vote in Parliament but what about the LNP. They do hold the balance of votes and unless they allow a conscience vote could see this bill fail as the entire LNP would be required to vote in favour of the party position. 

The danger for the LNP in not allowing their politiocians a conscience vote is they could run the risk of members crossing the floor to vote in favour thus making the party look bad anyway. We will see. 

It was good today to see the statement that this shouldn't be about votes rather about what is right. That is exactly what is being asked. With all the surveys out there showing that the majority of Australians support Gay Marriage, I find it still stunning that the individual members are still standing up and saying that due to their beliefs they cannot vote in favour. To this I would say, I though you were elected to represent your local constituents not yourself. I understand that for many this is a very personal issue but at what point did local members stop representing their constituents and start voting based on themselves. 

Look, as unpopular as my feelings are on this topic I would be ok if the bill failed if they could show that they were voting based on their consituants views if it was done above board and not with a twisted question which is what happened many years ago when the issue of a republic went to a referendum. I may not think it's right but in the end I am but one member of this nation and politicians must represent everyone fairly. 

Today is a major win for equality but the fight isn't over. It is time to ramp up the fight to demonstrate to the government that this is what is right and what the majority support.