Never Give Up

Something that I find bizarre about my own personality is that it's quite annoying when people talk about all gay men being the same. You know what I mean. You here people talking about a trait like all gay men are bastards and they really believe it. Even with somewhat positive statements like all gay men are creative. 

I think what I find frustrating about this is at different times in my life I have doubted myself based on these stereotypes. Maybe with some they are right but it gets more frustrating when people believe what they are saying. How sad is it when someone says that all gay men can't be trusted and they believe it. What this does is make it even more difficult for young gay men because every time they hear this and experience a bad experience it just makes them more afraid. 

The reality is there are good people out in the world and bad. When it comes to gay men, I know it can sometimes seem that they are all dishonest but it's not the case. I can say this with all honesty that I have had more than my fair share of bastards in my time. But at the same time I have met so many beautiful gay men that wouldn't hurt anyone. 

So if you are growing up gay and you are afraid, don't be. There are going to be some tough times throughout your life but there are good guys out there who will always put your feelings in front of their own. I guess I get frustrated when I hear someone who is just coming out already talking about giving up on love. Love, life and relationships are not always easy and shouldn't be. That's what makes them worthwhile. Remember you will find love and you deserve love. Never give up.